What do Houstonian Club Members Sheryl Gussett,Wendy Lee Jacques, Norman Newton and William (Bill) Schneidau have in common? Each is over 40, and loves to work out at The Houstonian! With health, wellness and fitness a priority, these four members enjoy everything The Club has to offer, from kick boxing and yoga, to weightlifting and strength training, to studio cycling and working out on the elliptical and treadmill machines, to cardio classes and swimming, and more. And, thanks to Tommy Evans, who is among the many personal trainers that help lead the way.

These members are featured in the October issue of 002 magazine in the article "40+ and Aiming for Top Fitness…Forever!”

Congrats to them and to all of our ‘over 40’ members! Keep up the good work!!

Many of you may remember former Houston Astros player Lance Berkman, who played this year for the St. Louis Cardinals, who eventually won the World Series! With everyone Lance could recognize to help him reach this great accomplishment, he gave a shout-out on KILT-AM (610) yesterday to Personal Trainer Ben Fairchild, crediting Ben for his conditioning that helped him get through the season. Lance’s quote: ‘Way to go Ben.’

And to quote Lance Berkman, way to go, Ben! You’re a Houstonian MVP!


Those two famous doctors, or "The You Docs,” Drs. Mehmet Oz (of Oprah fame) and Michael Roizen, offer some great tips, "Don’t let the holidays go to your waistline,” in today’s Houston Chronicle. And, that famous dietitian, Melissa Hawthorne, offers 10 great tips as well, in a sidebar article. Melissa is the only dietitian quoted or sourced for the article.

Click here to see the article!

Happy post-Thanksgiving eating!