Many of you may remember former Houston Astros player Lance Berkman, who played this year for the St. Louis Cardinals, who eventually won the World Series! With everyone Lance could recognize to help him reach this great accomplishment, he gave a shout-out on KILT-AM (610) yesterday to Personal Trainer Ben Fairchild, crediting Ben for his conditioning that helped him get through the season. Lance’s quote: ‘Way to go Ben.’

And to quote Lance Berkman, way to go, Ben! You’re a Houstonian MVP!

Always one to brag about our holiday décor, I was happy to tell Southern Livingmagazine reporter Paula Disbrowe what The Houstonian does for the holidays each year, for a story she was writing for the December issue, "Road Food Revisited.” One of the editors sent us a sneak preview of the article.

And, as space always is a factor, the article gives just a snippet of info about it…take a look!