Fitness Amenities & Programs

Fitness Amenities

For more information on Fitness Amenities or Programs, contact Performance Program Coach, Greer Barnes, at 713.263.6536 or

TRX® Group Suspension Training®
TRX® Group Suspension Training® harnesses your own body weight to create resistance as you train. This is a total body workout like you have never experienced before. These 30 to 45 minute classes will challenge all aspects of your strength, balance, and endurance. The unique training capabilities on the TRX system allow you to work multiple body parts simultaneously; providing a total body workout, working core strength through the entire time. All fitness levels are welcome! Be prepared to burn more calories and have more fun! 
Cardiovascular program that teaches the art of boxing. Instruction on using speed and heavy bags with Mo Oteiza. 
One-on-one Self Defense Training
This ideal self-defense system for women, men and children of all ages can help increase stamina, flexibility, upper and lower body strength, and valuable self-defense tactics with Mo Oteiza.

Performance Zone
Our certified Personal Trainers will lead you through a body-changing workout focusing on strength, endurance, agility, core conditioning and flexibility. Outdoor training is a great way to mix up your workout routine, discover new techniques, lose weight and enjoy the outdoors. .
Youth Certification
Required for children ages 12-15 to use equipment unsupervised in the Fitness Center. Includes a one-hour session with a member of the Fitness Staff who will demonstrate safety guidelines, exercise etiquette and go over Club policies and procedures. This is our way of welcoming our young members to use the fitness center. Certification takes place in the Fitness Center. Sessions are made by appointment only. Complimentary.

Fitness Programs

The Houstonian Club's Fitness Programs are offered throughout the year with different trainers, coaches, and dietitians. Below are examples of our Club's programs. Please contact Performance Program Coach Greer Barnes at for current availability of programs.
A 6-week online program that is personalized and convenient for your busy lifestyle. Personal trainer Jordan Weichers and Registered Dietitian Denise Hernandez will keep you accountable with a structured program that will ignite your metabolism to shred fat and tone muscles..

Revolution Shape Up is the perfect program to get you to the ideal fitness level. RSU is a comprehensive weight management program incorporating nutrition, cardiovascular exercise, resistance training, and lifestyle modification. RSU works with all fitness levels. The length of the program is 12 weeks long. Contact Leslie Klaus at 713.628.4802 or

Have you ever been interested in training for a physique show, but too intimidated to compete? Shred is a program designed to give you the body you desire and train like a competitor without the competition! Clients will train with a personal trainer and meet with our registered dietitian to customize programs and track progress.*Depending on the season, this program will run either 6- or 8- weeks long.
Adventure Series
A series of one day adventures with Bob Talamini. Activities include kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, orienteering (map and compass), surfing, rock climbing, survival skills and other adventure sport activities. Overnight camping trips include parent, child and family. Classes are the third Saturday of each month. 
The sport of hiking using a map and compass. Learn the skills needed to go on a safe and organized hike with Bob Talamini.
Team Building
What are the qualities that would make your work group, and your company as a whole, more productive and more effective in the marketplace? Of course, we have no way of knowing in advance what the answer to the question is, but we wouldn't be at all surprised if your thoughts included ideas like "better teamwork,” "better communications,” "leadership,” and "quality decision-making.” The team at The Houstonian can show you how to make your group work more efficiently and effective through team building. Effective programs can be designed for both small and large groups. We conduct the activities utilizing our beautiful campus, meeting rooms, large meadow, rock climbing wall and other areas of this facility. We can design programs that involve orienteering (map and compass), "amazing race” type activities, primitive survival skills, or any of the traditional team building activities with Bob Talamini.

The Houstonian Club is proud to sponsor the Houstonian Hammerheads Cycling Team. The primary focus of the group is to allow members to train for the annual BP MS150 bike ride held in the spring. This annual Bike Tour is a two-day cycling adventure from Houston to Austin that raises funds to help people living with Multiple Sclerosis. However, many Houstonian Club Members simply use the team as an opportunity to exercise, take part in great organized rides and to meet other members. For more information, training and class schedules or to register, click here or contact Greer Barnes at 713.263.6536 or

Wellness Coaching
Wellness coaches are highly credentialed fitness, health and wellness professionals who coach their clients in order to help them improve in the areas of fitness, weight, stress, energy, life satisfaction, health, nutrition and mental and emotional fitness. Coaches apply areas of behavioral psychology, counseling, motivational interviewing, positive psychology, adult learning theory  and  solution-oriented  theory when working with their clients.  These methods have proven that working with a wellness coach once a week for a 3 to 6 month time period, allows sufficient time for the client to be successful in changing a behavior.

We all want to feel better, look better and have more energy.  Most people know what to do, but they struggle to get there.  A coach is there to bridge the gap between "wanting it” and actually "doing it”. Your coach will use their expertise to provide structure,  accountability and inspiration to enable you to move forward in your quest to improving your health and well-being. 

To set up your complimentary 30 minute "Is Coaching Right for Me?" session, contact Connie Emmerson at 713.825.7107 or Coaching can be done in person at The Houstonian Club or by phone. 
Wellness Coaching Pricing:
1 Hour - $105
30 Minutes - $65
Pre- & Post- Natal Training
Pregnancy can be one of the toughest workouts of a woman's life!Tasks that once seemed so easy, become more difficult with a baby on board! Whole body weight training can help a woman during pregnancy if done properly. 
Benefits of weight training during pregnancy:

Fewer problems experienced during childbirth 
Enhanced post- natal recovery 
Lower incidence of backaches and less severe headaches 
Enhanced body image 
Feelings of well-being and happiness, and a positive self- image 
Increased energy levels 
Increased flexibility
Increased aerobic capacity 
Better circulation of blood to the extremities 
Greater muscle strength and coordination, which helps with adjusting to increased body weight and changes in balance. 
Improve pregnancy-related constipation 
Let certified wellness coach and personal trainer Connie Emmerson guide you safely through your pre- and post- pregnancy with a customized weight training program.  
Contact Connie Emmerson at 713.825.7107 or at for more information. 

Russian Kettlebell Class
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6 to 6:45 a.m. Lose excess fat and make massive gains in strength, speed and endurance using Russian Kettlebells, a traditional Russian cast iron weight - the number one exercise tool for strength and conditioning with Sean Cashman. 

TPI Golf Fitness Training
The most efficient swing is not the same for every golfer, because efficiency is unique to their body. To achieve an efficient swing, a golfer must first be screened. This screen involves an assessment of swing mechanics and bio-mechanics, physical fitness, movement quality, current health and a client history. Once this screen is finished, the results are used to create a plan unique for that golfer. Here at The Houstonian, the plan may include fitness training, stretch therapy and treatment, coaching of swing mechanics and bio-mechanics, nutrition advice, mental strategy or all of the above. A golfer will see the greatest improvement by surrounding themselves with a team of experts with Patti Plagmann.

For more information on Fitness Amenities or Programs, contact Performance Program Coach, Greer Barnes, at 713.263.6536 or