The Houstonian Club requires our Members, employees and vendors to wear masks inside the Club building as they move through common areas.

Common areas include hallways, locker room seating areas, restrooms, stairwells and children’s areas.

Once you are in a studio for class, you may remove your mask for exercise, as the studios have been fogged and equipment is spaced 6-feet apart. In the fitness center, if you are performing a high intensity weight lifting exercise, you may remove your mask from your nose and mouth for a moment and then please put it back on. You may remove your mask while using a cardiovascular machine. Please sanitize your equipment with wipes and Bio-Safe water when you are finished and follow social distancing guidelines. We understand you may find this inconvenient. However, if our Club does not comply with the order, there could be a possibility we would endure both fines and full closure. We are all enjoying being able to come to the Club again and it is essential to our business and the exciting renovation plans ahead to remain fully operational.



30% off Delicious Dishes to-go and dine-in!

Just call 713-685-6713 to place your order and drive through our hotel valet to pick it up.

All Members receive a 30% discount off to-go and dine-in food. A 10% gratuity, based on the non-discounted total, will be added to take care of service staff. Offer is subject to change and to the availability of food items.

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