Houstonian Club camps are specifically and exclusively designed for children of Houstonian Club Members. Our primary goal is to help children develop a healthy lifestyle through fun, hands-on, interactive play experiences that teach them proper exercise and good nutrition that will last a lifetime. Campers will have the opportunity to explore The Houstonian Campus, get messy with arts and crafts and play games that are directly tied to the theme for that week. We want your child to always remember the wonderful experience they had at their Houstonian Club camp! Register now! 

At The Houstonian Club, campers play hard, learn lots, push boundaries, and challenge each other without fear of failure or humiliation. We help children develop a 'can do' attitude through encouragement, support, coaching, positive reinforcement, and team spirit! The camper-to-staff ratio is 1:10 for all camps. Campers will spend the majority of their day grouped according to age. In the school-aged groups, there may be times when children are grouped according to skill or interest level. For more information, please contact the youth department at

Youth Department Camps
Jr. All-Star Camp (Ages 3 - 4)
All-Star Camp (Ages 5 - 7)
Senior All-Star Camp  (Ages 8 - 12)

Join us in a fun-filled summer focused on getting up, moving and having fun. Each week will include a specialty snack, free swim days (ages five and up), group lessons from instructors and a Friday fun day party!

So, put up those tablets! Stop vegging in front of the TV, put your controller to your game system down, and join us for camp! Meet up with your friends or make new friends playing games, learning about different cultures, trying new foods, making lifelong memories and having fun! This year's camp is crammed full of art, food, sports and culture!

Splash Camp  (Ages 3 - 12)

Swim Camp will run weekly this summer. If the children are not able to swim due to inclement weather an email notifying parent will be sent by noon the day of camp. Parents have the option of picking up their child and receiving credit for that class or having the child moved inside to do swim safety crafts and swim safety games for the full weekly price.

Please select the level you believe your child would be classified under, if you are unsure, all children will be assessed and sorted in two levels at the start of camp. 

Level 1: Intro to Water Skills, This is for beginners where we will be learning how to safely enter the water, floating on front and back, rolling over, kicking, beginning arm movements, and general water safety.

Level 2: Fundamental Aquatics Skills, Must be able to float on their back independently, Children should already be able to swim across the pool unassisted. Skills include: freestyle, lateral breathing, breaststroke, backstroke, beginning dives, water safety.

Level 3: Stroke Development, Ages 5+, Must be able to swim 25 yards independently, swim freestyle 12 ½ yards and backstroke 12 ½ yards. This level will focus on the development of all four competitive strokes.

Racquet Sports Camp  (Ages 4 - 16)

Padel, Pickleball, & Swim Camp (Ages 5 - 16) 
Padel, Pickleball, & Swim Camp will help children develop their hand-eye coordination, forehand, backhand, overhand serves. Drills based on skill level. Swimming is included in this camp.
Tennis Camp (Ages 4 -16)
Tennis Camps are exclusively designed for children of Houstonian Club Members. Tennis Camp will help children develop their skills in tennis, hand-eye coordination, forehand, backhand and overhand serves. Drills based on their skill level. 
Extended Drills Camp (Ages 4 - 16)
Extended Drills Camp assists children in the development of their skills in tennis, hand-eye coordination, forehand, backhand, overhand serves. They will work on game-like situations on the court. 

For Youth Camp Programming information visit the Texas Department of State Health Services Website here.