BlueFins Swim Team

Information for the 2021 Bluefins Summer League Swim Team, Dolphins Fitness Swim, Splash Camps and AquaEdge Youth Swim Workshops.

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This season we are all hoping to have the Country Club League back to normal and get some good racing in. At The Houstonian Club, we want to keep our kids motivated and excited, so we will be having meets in June whether or not we can compete against other clubs. The league’s coaches and program directors are still discussing the possibility of a having a regular season, so we are hopeful that as we get closer to the meet season, we will get the green light from the league. In any case, we are ready and excited for the upcoming season!

 2021 BlueFins Info Sheet

BlueFins Preseason is a one-month stroke technique development and conditioning program that prepares children for the BlueFins Swim Team. Ages 5 to 14. Register Now! BlueFins Pre-Season meets April 5 – April 30, 2021. Once you register on Camp Minder, you will have access to all of the BlueFins calendars, meet information and important dates. Swim test required

BlueFins Swim Team is a Country Club League Swim Team for children ages 5 to 14. Register Now!  BlueFins Country Club League regular season will be May 3- June 26, 2021. Once you register on Camp Minder, you will have access to all of the BlueFins calendars, meet information and important dates.  May 3 - June 26, 2021. Swim test required

BlueFins July Stroke Workshops

Below is a sampling of the modified programming for July’s BlueFins Weekly Workshops for kids in 2021 for ages 7 - 14, July 5 - 30.

BlueFins Weekly Workshops are stroke development classes that are technique oriented focusing on the most important aspects of fast efficient swimming.

To participate, a swimmer must be able to:

·       Comfortably swim 25 yards Freestyle and 25 yards Backstroke without stopping or assistance.

·       Swim and listen to the coaches in The Sports Pool’s 800 F temperature.

          Clinics to be Offered                           Area of Focus

·      Week 1 (July 5-9)                                    Free/Back

·      Week 2  (July 12-16)                                 Breast/Fly

·      Week 3 (July 19 -23)                                Starts & Turns

·      Week 4 (July 26-30)                                 Learn to Race

·       Option 1 -  3 days a week: Monday & Wednesday & Friday

·       Option 2  - 2 days a week: Tuesday & Thursday

       Group                  Age                 Times           Prices for 3day/2day sessions         

·      Bronze      Ages 7-8          11:00 – 11:45 a.m.                     $95/$65            

·      Silver            Ages 9-11         2:00 – 2:55 p.m.                        $105/$75

·      Gold            Ages 10-14          3:00 – 3:55 p.m.                       $105/$75

·      Blue (max 6)   Ages 5-6           4:00pm-4:45 p.m.                     $95/$65

For the Blue Group, a swimmer must be able to proficiently swim 25 yards with no coach in the water.

All Country Club League Swim Meets, if we are able to participate in them, will fall on Tuesdays and Thursdays in June.  Warm-ups are at 4:15 pm and the official meet at 5:00 pm. Swim meets will not be cancelled if there is bad weather until 4:00 pm. Please check the Aquatics hotline 713.685.6751 for updated information about the meet. Check for the most current weather conditions.


AquaTech Program -  July – November 2021. This program is designed to aid in the development of the four competitive strokes, starts and turns. Our goal is to help build a basic understanding of the sport, thus preparing children for more intense programs and/or school competitions.  The focus is placed on proper techniques, building endurance and overall fitness. Ages 6 - 8 in the Jr. group and 9 - 14. In the main group. The 6 - 8 will be a smaller group and the focus will be getting them to the level of swimming continuously. For more information contact: Clement Dulac at or at 713.316.2705AquaTech Information Sheet