What are you waiting for? Get moving!

During these uncertain times, we do not know when we will see a light at the end of the tunnel. We cannot control a pandemic but we can control how strong our bodies are during a pandemic. How are you moving your body? How are you feeding your body? How are you relaxing your mind and easing your fears? Are you becoming more sedentary as you wait for this virus to go away? How long will you wait? 

The research literature is clear that regular weight training and moderately intense endurance exercise improves your immune system response, and makes you less susceptible to disease and illness. It also helps with depression, anxiety, reduction in heart disease, improves sleep and increases energy. Boosting your immune system is more important than ever right now. Prepare your body to fight illness!

Why not be proactive with your health and wellbeing? Although the Houstonian Club has carefully taken every precaution to ensure safety for their Members, we know some of you are nervous to go into a gym physically. 

Therefore, our amazing personal training staff has been offering virtual personal training throughout this pandemic with great success! It has been such a wonderful addition to the services that the Houstonian already offers its members! It’s so convenient, and it’s the safest workout around! You don’t have to have any equipment because your trainer knows how to give you the workout you need with or without equipment. 

This is how it works:
  1. You and your trainer discuss what equipment you have or do not have, your goals and health history.
  2. You set up a time to meet virtually through FaceTime or Zoom.
  3. You virtually meet with your trainer as they take you through a workout that they prepared ahead of time, tailored specifically for you based on your previous goals and health history discussion.
  4. Your trainer changes your workouts often so that your body doesn’t adapt to the same movements leading to stalls and plateaus in reaching your goals. 
  5. During your workouts your trainer will coach you in movement techniques, check on you mentally, assess your progress and make changes that are necessary during your workout. 

You can do virtual group training as well. Through Zoom, your trainer can meet with you and a friend or two! This is for all ages and physical abilities! We have members in their 80s doing their entire workout from a chair, some couples are doing workouts in their RV as they travel across the country, some teens are working off all of their bottled up energy, and some are doing heavy weight training! There is something for everyone!

The Houstonian Club is going to keep virtual training around for good! Members have especially enjoyed the convenience. What if you have an appointment to meet your trainer in person but you didn’t get enough sleep, or the garage door won’t open, or you have to wait for a repairman or you are on vacation? Virtual training from the comfort of your home or hotel can be used in all of these situations! 

Take care of yourself! Don’t wait any longer! Contact one of our amazing personal trainers and get started today! 

Be safe and stay strong!
Connie Emmerson
Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach

For more information, contact Connie Emmerson at cemmerson@houstonian.com.