Important Membership Reminders

The exclusivity of your membership is very important to us. Now that the Club renovations are complete, guests are excited to experience The Houstonian Club’s elevated spaces. Please take the time to review our guest policy and procedures:
  1. The same guest may come to the Club two times per month, not to exceed twelve times per year. The exception to this is grandchildren. Grandchildren may visit the Club two times per month, twenty-four times per year. Resident Members do not pay guest fees. Associate Members pay the following applicable guest fees:
    • Ages 5 and under: no charge
    • Ages 5 - 15: $15
    • 16 and older: $25
    Associate Member guests pay additional fees for the use of the Bungalow and Houstonian Hideout. There is no guest fee if Members want to invite their guests to dine with them at The Kitchen. 

  2.  Members must accompany their guests unless authorized through the Houstonian app or at via the Guest Pass Request tab. Please complete the guest request at least 24 hours prior to their visit.

  3. Out-of-town guests may visit the Club for up to seven consecutive days. This request may be submitted through the Houstonian app under the "Out of Town Guest Pass” tab. Should your guest request a longer stay, the Member may contact the Membership Office at 713.316.2729 or email Membership Director Colleen Kennedy at Consideration for an extension of that time will be based on the time of year and Club usage.

  4. Effective January 1st, 2023 all registered guests 16 and older will need to provide photo identification at the Welcome Desk upon check-in. Acceptable forms of ID are a driver’s license or permit, or school identification. We also accept a digital form of identification. 

  5. From time to time, Members may have a family member or colleague staying in Houston for an extended period. We do consider guest memberships on a case-by-case basis. These requests must be put in writing to Membership Director Colleen Kennedy at to be reviewed by the Membership Committee. 

  6. If you have family members, coworkers, or neighbors who are interested in applying for membership and would like to visit the Club, you may contact the Membership Office for a complimentary guest pass. As part of the application process, all new Members must be sponsored by an active Member in good standing. A potential new Member who does not have a sponsor is required to meet with the Membership Director and have a previous club reference.
During the month of December, the Club is offering double referral credit. To receive the referral credit, the new Member must indicate the referring Member as the ‘Club Sponsor’ on their application. Please contact the Membership Office for further information at 713.316.2729 or