Feeling the Heat?

The summer months in Houston are very tough as everyone is known to enjoy being outside for long periods of time. Often, Houston remains very hot through most of September. Here are some easy tricks that I have used over the years while competing in tennis matches during the hot summer months. Heat exhaustion and fatigue can occur when the body overheats. The problem with Houston weather is the humidity. In drier climates the sweat from our body evaporates, which pulls the heat out of the body, thus allowing the body to cool off. The humidity in Houston prevents evaporation, therefore, causing the heat to remain in the body, and the brain does not get the cooling signals to regulate temperature. I would keep a small cooler with about three bandanas in which I would tie around the neck and put on my arms and legs on changeovers. Or, you can buy the cooling gel products on the market that you can tie around your neck. As a last resort wet a towel and drape it around the neck on water breaks. The body then gets the cooling signals to the brain and is able to regulate the body temperature. It works like a charm and you can play 90 minutes in the hottest part of the day.  

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