Explore the Houstonian Club's Cycle Program

New to the Houstonian Club cycle classes? Not sure which class is a fit for you? Take a look at the detailed descriptions below. We have everything from simple intervals on and off the bike to fully choreographed classes with weights and music videos. Each class offers a new experience unique to the group exercise instructor's personality and style. You're sure to find the perfect class for you! 

For more information please contact Melissa Shippy at mshippy@houstonian.com.

Pure Cycle: Our H-Club Cycle Signature ride. This perfect blend of climbs, sprints and mixed terrain provides an opportunity to work with speed, strength, endurance and high intensity intervals in every class. Pure Cycle has consistent elements incorporated into each ride, but leaves room for our highly skilled instructors to put their own personality and creativity into how it comes together. Expect a unique experience from class to class with a variety of lighting options, music selections and visual entertainment on the screens.
Pure Cycle UNPLUGGED: Prepare to "unplug” from it all for a unique Pure Cycle experience in the dark! No screens, no frills, no lights. Be sure to arrive on time because once we get started...the lights go OUT.

Hot Wheels: In a hurry? Try this fast and furious, 30-minute condensed version of our Pure Cycle format.

Rhythm Ride: A one of a kind, exhilarating experience and amazing workout! Let the rhythm of the music lead you through this non-technical, beat-based ride. Perform fun, but simple upper body movements and choreography on the bike and top it all off by using light weights to maximize your calorie burn and add to the fun!

VideoSpin: Take Rhythm Ride to the MAX. This class is a full out PARTY ON THE BIKE! Get ready to be fully entertained with music videos, energetic and current music, fun and creative movements on the bike and upper body work with light weights. The ultimate cycle experience!
Get Ripped & Ride: A "one and done" class format consisting of timed intervals on and off the bike. Alternate simple cycling drills on the bike with strength and endurance exercises performed on the mat. This class flies by and provides a total body strength and cardio workout!

Video RoadRide: Don't care for the weights and movements, but want to enjoy the visual entertainment? Try this tough cadence-based class including drills, climbs and sprints plus motivating music videos to power you to the finish line.