Inspirational Houstonian Member and Personal Trainer


They started a mix of basic strength training and cardio, and Tim started to see a change in Dick’s attitude. It no longer was a struggle to get him into the gym. As Dick began to see improvements in his strength, endurance and waist size, his confidence boosted and he wanted to try more challenging exercises.

About five months ago, Tim started working with Dick on power lifts: the squat, bench press and deadlift, and soon Tim suggested Dick enter a power lifting competition. He decided to take on the challenge and was registered in the Masters age 65+ category as a 198 pound lifter. Dick did a squat of 132 pounds, a bench press of about 100 pounds and a deadlift of 231 pounds, all of which were Texas state records in his age category!

Now, Dick no longer is insulin-dependent and is down to two of the four meds he previously was taking. He’s down to a size 36 blue jean, and his granddaughters finally are able to get their arms around his waist! His newfound motivation and zest for life are inspirational – a 180 degree change, according to Tim.

While Dick has inspired Tim for his motivation and commitment, there’s no doubt that it was Tim that inspired Dick as well.