With the growing popularity of obstacle course runs, there has been a wave of change in training modalities in the fitness community. Obstacle course runs like Spartan Races™ and Tough Mudder’s™ are a fun way to challenge your physical and mental limits, compete with others and even get a "little” dirty along the way.
Obstacle course challenges typically involve running, a lot of running. Along the route there are a number of body weight and other types of exercise stations strategically placed around the course. The run distance varies from a short 3 miles to 13+ miles with at least 1 or 2 exercise stations per mile.   
Obstacles typically involve climbing, lifting, carrying, going over or under equipment and usually a lot of water and mud.   
Because of the constant change between a steady, aerobic based run and an obstacle that is usually quick and more on the anaerobic side of the exercise spectrum, the preparation and training should be similar.   
Members interested in doing events like these should be applying steady running and body weight exercises into their daily workout routine.

Three general workouts to incorporate into a training plan would be as follows:
1. Steady runs: 2- 6 miles (number of miles depends on fitness level, running history and event distance)
2. Body weight exercise training: pushups, pullups, squats, step ups, etc... 10-20 reps each
3. Obstacle runs: 2-4 mile run with 4-8 obstacle exercise stops per mile.   

Incorporate these into your weekly exercise routine, cycling the workouts throughout the week. You should do more of workouts 1 and 2 when you start training (at least 2 months pre-event) and as the event gets closer, you should do more of workout 3 where you are getting your body used to the changes in motion.  
The events are really fun and social. Gather your friends, find an event and go get dirty and have fun!
For more information contact personal trainer Bob Talamini at Btalamini@houstonian.com or 713.263.6531.