Download the MindBody App

Step 1 Go to your app store on your phone and download the Mindbody app for Home Workout & Fitness (Be careful not to download the Mindbody Business app).
Step 2 If this is your first time using the Mindbody app you will need to enter your basic information to create an account, then go to the home screen and click on the Search Bar on the top. 
Step 3 If you live more than 5 miles away from the Houstonian change the Mile Range to around "30 Miles” and type in Houstonian and click search. 
Step 4 Click on the link that says The Houstonian. 
Step 5 On The Houstonian page click on the "Heart Symbol” in the right corner. This saves "The Houstonian” as a favorite on your Mindbody app home screen.
Step 6 Click on the "Home Screen” on the bottom of the app. You should see "The Houstonian” and a red heart next to it. Once you have completed these steps you will have successfully created an account in Mindbody and saved the Houstonian.

We do not currently have the schedule posted. When we get closer to reopening day we will post our classes and release instructions on how to reserve your spot. 

Date: NA
Time: NA
Location: App Store
Contact: Please contact Steven Elizondo with any questions at